Vysehrad Castle

There’s little left of the former home of Bohemian royalty but this hilltop site is a fascinating place to wander and a peaceful spot to enjoy a picnic.

Vyšehrad Castle, sitting on one of Prague’s hills, was home to Bohemian royals until 1140. While only ruins remain of the castle itself, you can still see the castle church, a cemetery and imposing ramparts. The tranquility of the gardens is unrivaled in bustling Prague.

Dedicate a few hours to the complex as there is much to see. The complex is considered a cultural monument, and a museum and art gallery can also be found within the grounds. To learn about the history and most important sites here, purchase a guidebook from the information center.

Vyšehrad Castle was built over several centuries. The ramparts, of which there are only remnants today, were added by King Charles IV in the 14th century.

Enjoy a picnic in the castle’s gardens, or have a Czech meal or drink at one of the many on-site restaurants and cafés. Follow the remains of the castle walls around the gardens and gaze across the river to the Prague Castle.

The National Cemetery within its grounds contains the graves of some of Prague’s most notable cultural and scholarly residents. Walk around the 600 graves to see the tombstones that date back centuries. The cemetery also doubles as a sculpture gallery, a fitting tribute to the many artists buried within it.

Visit the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul, the spires of which can be seen from across town. The interior of the church is particularly spectacular and has been completely restored.

Situated just south of the New Town, Vyšehrad Castle adorns a hilltop overlooking the Vltava River. You can get to the site by tram and metro. A small admission fee applies to enter some attractions on-site.

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