Wenceslas Square (Vaclavske Namesti)

Prague’s busiest boulevard is great for both shopping and nightlife and has a history as a gathering point for local uprisings and celebrations.

In the heart of Prague’s New Town lies a 2,460 foot (750 meter) long boulevard, Wenceslas Square (Václavské Náměstí). Visit this significant spot for locals and enjoy its modern-day facilities. The square marks the start of Prague’s main shopping district while at night it is one of the city’s most lively precincts.

There are many 20th-century buildings in Wenceslas Square, giving it a more contemporary European feel than the nearby Old Town Square.

Take in the art nouveau architecture of the street as you walk between some of Prague’s best retail stores
Immerse yourself in Czech history at the National Museum that overlooks the square. In front of it stands the heroic statue of St. Wenceslas, “the Good King” from the popular Christmas carol.

Drink and dance with the locals in the evening when the street’s many bars, clubs and restaurants get busy. Be aware that prices at restaurants on the square are likely to be higher than similar restaurants nearby.

The square is a common location for protests and national celebrations, and the broad boulevard can hold up to 400,000 people. It was here that anti-communist uprisings were held until the regime was finally toppled 1989. Look for the wooden cross embedded in the cobblestone street. This is a monument to Jan Palach, who set fire to himself protesting the Soviet occupation.

Wenceslas Square is located in the New Town and is serviced by metro and tram. It has two of the busiest metro stations in Prague. Its central location and proximity to Prague’s major attractions make it a great area to be based while visiting the city.

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