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Yale Glacier Hotel Guide

Nothing replenishes your mind like a quick sojourn into nature. Enjoy some downtime at Yale Glacier.

It is situated in Valdez. If you're around the state capital, Juneau (and vicinity), you'll need to cover 500 miles to experience it.

It's tough to locate a hotel or resort within 60 miles of Yale Glacier. Denali (and vicinity) is where you will find the McKinley Chalet Resort, about 180 miles from this attraction.

Other Places to Visit near Yale Glacier

After checking out Yale Glacier, you may like to keep exploring. The surrounding area has a bunch more to do:

  • Breathtaking sights will surround you when you go to Harvard Glacier.
  • Admire the intricate glacier structures at Amherst Glacier.
  • The impressive Crescent Glacier is a natural wonder that will leave you speechless.