Affandi Museum

Find out about one of Indonesia’s greatest artists in the fascinating home he constructed and decorated in his own style.

The Affandi Museum is an art collection within the walls of the stylish riverside structure in which one of Indonesia’s favourite sons lived and worked. Paintings and personal belongings fill the displays devoted to the artist known simply as Affandi. Browse the intriguing items showcased here for a glimpse into the life of this master artist.

Get a sense of Affandi’s profile and skill from his many self-portraits. The site contains around 300 of the artist’s works. Trace the evolution of his expressionist style through the numerous paintings in the collection. Understand a bit about his personality through his personal possessions, such as the lime green and yellow Galant car dating back to 1967.

The artist lived in his own museum for some time, before his death in 1990. Note that he is buried in the museum complex. See his elegant grave, which lies beside that of his wife.

Admire the exceptional design of the house. The roof resembles a banana leaf. The colorful home is built on stilts and stands amid tropical vegetation. Capture photos of the extraordinary structure, which is constructed from wood, concrete and palm leaves.

Enter the converted horse carriage, now a prayer room or mushalla painted in brilliant colors. Inspect the works of art in the two Gajah Wong studios that were built following Affandi’s death. Bring your kids to an art class here. The Café Loteng offers snacks and refreshments

There is an admission fee and an additional amount to bring a camera or mobile phone equipped with a camera. The site opens daily from morning until late afternoon.

The Affandi Museum is on a bank of the Gajah Wong River in the north-eastern part of Yogyakarta. Take a bus from Malioboro to get here. Visit nearby attractions, such as the Mandala Bhakti Wanitatama and the campus of the Islam Negeri Sunan Kalijaga University.

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