Air Force Armament Museum

Explore this museum and learn about the planes, missiles and other armaments that the United States Air Force has used to rule the skies from World War I to today.

Step onto the grounds of the Air Force Armament Museum and enter a world devoted to the skies. A fleet of airplanes greets visitors outside, giving a hint to the rest of the collection inside. Learn all about the armaments of the United States Air Force at this museum in Valparaiso, Florida. It is adjacent to Eglin Air Force Base, so don’t be surprised if the overhead roars of real fighter jets provide the soundtrack to your visit.

Outside, check out the fastest plane ever built, the SR-71 Blackbird. It is accompanied by nearly two dozen aircraft from the Korean, Vietnam and Gulf War eras. Examine the sleek F-15 Eagle fighter jet, which has been a crucial part of United States air defense since it was first introduced in the 1970s. Take a look at the AC-130 Spectre, a massive gunship that has been part of the U.S. air fleet for almost 50 years.

Continue into the cavernous indoor space, which is a converted gymnasium now holding four complete planes. Learn about the P-51 Mustang, which helped the Allied Forces achieve air superiority in World War II. Peek inside the Airborne Battlefield Command Control Center and learn about decisions that took place here. In the Gun Vault, browse through hundreds of pieces of armament, ranging from guns to bombs to missiles.

Sit back and watch the 30-minute film about the history and importance of Eglin Air Force Base. This film is shown on a loop throughout the day.

Visit the Air Force Armament Museum any day of the week except Sundays and federal holidays. Admission to the museum is free for everyone. Take out your camera as you explore; photography of the aircraft is not only allowed, but encouraged.

The Air Force Armament Museum is located on the Emerald Coast on the Florida Panhandle. Fort Walton Beach is just 6 miles (10 kilometers) southwest. Follow your museum visit with some fun in the sun on Florida’s famous white-sand beaches.

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