Take refuge from the heat in this cool and relaxing park with a large fountain, wooden horses and a bandstand for concerts.

Alameda is Monterrey’s central park, a relaxing haven in the middle of the hot and bustling city. Find a seat on a patch of grass or a bench and cool off under the shady trees. This scenic park also hosts concerts and other events throughout the year. The park’s highlight is a large fountain, which shoots water out of an enormous blue spout in its center. 

The park is marked by a large pair of columns at the entrance. Walk between them down a path surrounded by trees and grass. Admire native flowers in the gardens. Spot exotic green parrots and other birds among the trees and bushes of the park.

Sit on a bench and listen to the soothing sound of splashing water from the impressive fountain. Climb onto one of the wooden horses next to the fountain. The horses vary in size, so adults as well as children can sit on them.

On one side of the park stands a charming black bandstand with intricate arches and columns. Watch a live performance from a Mexican group playing mariachi music. See the bandstand in the evening when it is illuminated by orange lights. 

Meet friends in the park for a picnic made up of typical Monterrey food. Try some capirotada, a type of bread pudding made from cheese, nuts and raisins. Purchase drinks and snacks, such as tortilla chips, from vendors around the park.

Reach Alameda by metro or on foot. There is no admission fee for this public park, which is open daily. You can use the bathroom facilities for a small fee. There are many universities and colleges in the area as well as boutiques, restaurants and other attractions. While you are here, visit the Palacio de Gobierno (Government Palace), a 1-mile (1.6-kilometer) walk southeast from the park.

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