Bacocho Beach

Enjoy quiet strolls and dramatic sunsets at this uncrowded beach. Look for baby turtles hatching here in the second half of the year.

Marvel at the glistening blue water, soft golden sand and swaying palm trees of the idyllic Bacocho Beach (Playa Bacocho). Set west of Puerto Escondido, this beach is a favorite getaway spot for courting couples and honeymooners. While the town’s central beaches are equipped with entertainment and water sports facilities, Bacocho Beach is a place to appreciate the unspoiled natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

Kick off your shoes and feel the powdery sand between your toes as you walk around the curving bay. Amble along the shoreline, observing the waves crashing against the rocks and admiring views of the forest-clad hills that frame the beach. Turn around to see the pretty trail left by your own footprints.

The beach has few facilities, which adds to its blissful charm. Bring a towel, lie down on the sand and top up your tan beneath the year-round sunshine. On hotter days, seek out shade under a tall palm. Some strong swimmers do brave the waters here, though powerful currents can make conditions dangerous so be wary.

Arrive early in the morning to discover a deserted paradise or come in the evening to witness a spectacular sunset. Watch as the sun drifts down over the Pacific Ocean, casting hues of orange, pink and yellow across the sky. Pack food for a romantic picnic or dine on fresh seafood and sip on cocktails at the ocean-facing beach club.

Between July and November, the beach is a popular turtle-nesting location. Be alert for turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs and hatchlings emerging from the nest and making their way toward the water.

Bacocho Beach is a short walk from the guesthouses and hotels of Puerto Escondido’s easygoing Bacocho neighborhood. From the center of Puerto Escondido it’s less than a 10-minute drive to reach the beach Get here via taxi or rented car. If you are a fan of beach-hopping, combine your trip here with a visit to nearby Carrizalillo Beach.

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