Boordy Vineyards

From its beginnings in the time of Prohibition, one of Maryland’s oldest commercial wineries now sells wines throughout the state.

Boordy Vineyards is located in the rolling hills north of Baltimore, in the Piedmont Plateau of Maryland. Visit the valley to sample or buy some local wine, or book a guided tour of the vineyards and cellars.

Boordy’s origins began during Prohibition. Frustrated that the ban on alcohol was destroying the American wine industry, Philip and Jocelyn Wagner planted a small grapevine on their property and began selling cuttings from it throughout the U.S. In 1945 they established a commercial winery. The Deford family bought the vineyard in 1980 and continued Boordy on a new farm named Long Green.

Maryland’s temperate climate and good soils for root penetration are favorable to grape growing. Boordy Vineyard grows six varieties of grapes over 40 acres (16 hectares) and produces 97,000 gallons (370,000 liters) of wine annually.

Discover how the grapes go from the vine to the glass with a guided tour of the estate and winery. It starts in the vineyards and this experience changes with the season: you might witness pruning, leaf management or harvesting. Then you’ll go to a huge barn set amidst a cluster of 19th-century farm buildings. Here you can see the winemaking process and learn how Boordy’s three distinct lines of wine are crafted. The tour ends in the tasting room, where you are encouraged to sample some fine wine. The wine shop offers all the current vintages and chardonnay, shiraz and rosé from their Landmark Series.

Located in Long Green Valley, Baltimore County, Boordy Vineyards is a 30-minute drive northeast from downtown Baltimore. It is also within easy driving distance from Washington D.C., Annapolis and Philadelphia.

The vineyard is closed on Sunday mornings and some major national public holidays. Public tours are held in the afternoon. Entry is free, but there is a charge for wine tasting. Groups with less than 10 people can turn up unannounced for a tour and there is ample parking on site.

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