Botero Square Sculpture Park

Walk among comically obese statues made by the illustrious artist Fernando Botero in this spacious plaza full of artisans and restaurants.

See the Botero Sculpture Park, a busy plaza containing dozens of obese sculptures by Fernando Botero, an internationally renowned artist from Medellin. The statues are unusual because they show people or animals in a state of obesity with bizarre proportions. Watch the crowds of locals and travelers laughing as they take photos with the sculptures. Visit the accompanying museum showcasing more of Botero’s work.

The artist has donated many works to his hometown of Medellin. Wonder at the 23 comical creations as you stroll around the spacious plaza. Have your picture taken with some of the funnier sculptures on display. They all have simple titles, such as Head or Horse.

Visit the Bird of Peace. In 1995, a terrorist blew up the work of art, killing 23 civilians, including children, in the process. Botero demanded that the brutalized remains of the statue stay there as a monument to the dead. He built a new statue alongside it to symbolize the recovery of the city and its people. Have a look around the Museum of Antioquia, which contains more of Botero’s works as well as many by another reputable local artist, Pedro Nel Gómez.

Have lunch at one of the classy restaurants around the plaza or try some cheap street food, such as empanadas. These Colombian specialties are mixtures of meat and potatoes in a fried pastry coating. You can find variations in other countries around South America. Sit on a bench and watch the world pass you by. Enjoy the acts by magicians or listen to musicians playing the Caribbean-influenced Vallenato music from the north coast of Colombia.

You can find Botero Sculpture Park in the Old Quarter of Medellin. Take the subway to Berrío Park Station, which is right next to the park. There are plenty of cabs available in the city. The Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture is next to the plaza.

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