Pueblito Paisa

Take a trip back in time to a replica of a typical old town from the region with a stunning view of the new city.

Pueblito Paisa is a quaint model of an archetypal town from the state of Antioquia. Its proportions, features and ambience are based on how a small village would have felt at the turn of the 20th century. The replica incorporates a church and a stone fountain in the main square. Many locals and travelers visit the site to evoke a time before large cities. They are, however, reminded of the metropolis of Medellin with a picturesque panoramic view of the city and its surrounding mountains. The area’s name translates as Little Antioquian Town, using the nickname Paisa to describe the people of the state.

Admire the brown-and-white church in the center of the town. There are painted crosses either side of the large wooden door. Take a look around the quaint parsonage and its gardens. Stroll around the cobblestone plaza. The main centerpiece is a pleasant fountain surrounded by plants. Browse the market stalls and vendors selling everything from clothing and jewelry to electric accessories and souvenirs. Peruse charming shops with white-and-green painted façades. Dine at one of the many small restaurants that serve traditional food, such as fried chicken and beans, in Pueblito Paisa. You could also try the famous local specialty, Bandeja Paisa (Antioquia Platter). It contains ground meat, fried pork rinds, fried egg, plantain and black pudding.

Locate the viewpoint, which consists of a large platform with spectacular views either side. Use the binoculars to pinpoint tourist attractions, such as the affluent Poblado area. Marvel at the panorama of the city of Medellin below. The view is better at dusk, as you can see an array of colors in the sky. It is an ideal spot from which to take photos of the city and its surrounding countryside, which consists of hills and mountains.

The site was constructed in 1978. There is a large parking lot with a small fee. There is no entrance fee to walk around the model town.

The area is located downtown at the top of the Cerro Nutibara hill. It is a few blocks to the west of the Medellin River. Ride the subway to the Exposiciones station on the other side of the river.

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