Caneel Bay

Spot dolphins and sea turtles as you sail on a yacht or take a kayak around the glorious beaches that surround this vestige of the lavish Rockefeller dynasty.

Caneel Bay is a spectacular resort in harmony with the scenic forests decorating a peninsula on St. John. It is an idyllic spot for snorkeling, star gazing, kayaking and many other activities. Get to know the resort with a ride on its cute donkeys and explore the seas with a yacht trip.

Visit the many beaches that surround the resort on the island of St. John. See the turtles on Scott Beach, rent sail boats from Caneel Beach and watch the sunrise from Hawksnest Beach. Rent a hut on the pristine white sand of Honeymoon Beach, where tour operators rent out equipment for kayaking, hiking and snorkeling. Embark on the fairly arduous hike of Lind Trail that meanders through the coastal forest to Cruz Bay.

Go scuba diving in the clear water of Caneel Bay for a chance to spot angelfish, damselfish and parrotfish among the network of colorful marine life here. Admire the coral and sea urchins along with bigger creatures such as barracudas, reef squid and sea turtles.

The lights in the resort are mainly indirect, in order to ensure that vacationers have an unspoiled view of the stars at night. Take a break from the distractions of city life, where rooms are free of telephones and TVs. Appreciate the romantic and tranquil ambiance in this pristine natural setting.

Note that the resort takes its name from its eponymous bay, which derives from the old Dutch term for “cinnamon.” The hotel was built in the 1950s by famous American entrepreneur Laurance Rockefeller, after he fell in love with the picturesque beauty of the area.

Reserve a room at this hotel, which is open year-round apart from September and October.

Caneel Bay is on a large peninsula in the Virgin Islands National Park on the northwestern part of St. John. If you are arriving at the Cyril E. King International Airport on St. Thomas, register with the hotel’s reception inside the airport. You will be taken on a bus followed by a ferry to St. John. Make the most of your time on St. John by visiting other attractions, such as Lind Point, Salomon Beach and Hawksnest Beach.

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