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Your trip to Munich will be full of exploring the city and its surrounding areas. Spend some time wandering the Marienplatz, Munich’s central square, for people-watching and a walking tour of its striking architecture. If you’re a car aficionado, take your economy car over to Am Olympiapark and visit the BMW Museum for an exploration of the brand and its history.

Welcome to Munich

A car rental in Munich opens up new doors of travel to you. No longer are you dependent on taxis, the U-Bahn, or the S-Bahn. Tour the area on your own time and visit the places you most want to see without stopping off at additional locales. Take your wagon to one of the villages at Starnberger See and stop at the freshwater lake for breakfast, or, if you’re traveling during the end of September, stop in at Oktoberfest, a celebration of beer dating back two centuries.

Obtaining Your Car

Reserve a car in advance to make sure your Munich adventure gets off to a good start. Decide what sort of features you want your Munich car rental to have – automatic or manual transmission, for example, or request a GPS to ensure you don’t end up wandering on the Autobahn for days on end when all you really wanted was to see the Greek and Roman collections housed at the Glyptothek.

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Once you have your car rental, Munich is at your fingertips. Expedia will not only let you book your rental car, we can also help you choose a place to stay once you’ve arrived in Munich via plane. We offer the best rates on all types of lodgings and transportation, which means you’ll have more money left over to spend on souvenirs for your friends waiting at home.

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