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Escape the streets of Philadelphia in your rental car via Route 30. Route 30 winds for about 65 miles through suburbs and villages before entering the quiet rolling farmlands of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. The Pennsylvania Dutch are not really Dutch at all, but the descendants of 18th-century German (Deutsch, meaning 'German,' was misinterpreted as 'Dutch') immigrants who settled in southeastern Pennsylvania after fleeing religious persecution in Europe. Their descendants are members of various Amish and Mennonite sects, and many still shun modern conveniences such as cars. Just because you're away from home doesn't mean you must do without—rent a car! Whether you pick up your rental car at the airport or from one of the many car rental companies in town, you will find some useful information below to help you get the right rental car for the right price.

Location, location, location

If you're arriving in Philadelphia by plane, you may wish to pick up your rental car from one of the many car rental companies at the airport. Alamo, Dollar, Budget, and Hertz have registration counters in Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). Enterprise's and Avis' pick-up counters are just a shuttle ride away. Expedia can also show you a map of the nearest car rental locations to your hotel and the rental cars they carry. (And keep in mind that off-airport car rentals are often cheaper than at the airport, even from the same car rental company.)

Picking the rental car that's right for you

Expedia offers a choice of standard rental cars, luxury autos, vans and SUVs to meet nearly every need. If you need any special equipment, like a child seat, let us know and we will forward your request on to the rental car company. And what's more, when you choose to 'hire a car' (as the British say) from one of our car rental partners* in Philadelphia, you'll be dealing with a rental car company that has made a special commitment to provide Expedia customers with great customer service, a wide choice of top quality cars, and competitive total pricing.

Expedia's Total Pricing

Unlike some other online travel sites that show you a cheap discount rate for your car rental when you're shopping and then heap on taxes and fees when it comes time to pay, Expedia shows you the final price up front. What you see is what you pay.

*Advantage Rent-A-Car, Dollar Rent A Car, Enterprise, Hertz, and Thrifty

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