Carrizalillo Beach

Learn to surf, soak up the sun and dine at traditional palapa beach bars at this secluded and family-friendly cove.

Despite the large number of dazzling beaches in the region, Carrizalillo Beach (Playa Carrizalillo) still manages to astound vacationers with its beauty. Walk down a steep stairway of about 160 steps that leads down the slopes of a forest-clad cliff to reach this protected bay. At the bottom, a stretch of fine sand is lapped at by gently rolling waves.

Adored by families and water sports enthusiasts, Carrizalillo Beach provides adventure, entertainment and stunning natural scenery. Swim and snorkel in the calm and shallow water. The water is so clear that you may even be able to see colorful fish dart around the seabed from the surface. The rocks at either end of the cove are especially good for spotting marine life.

The waves at Carrizalillo Beach are well suited to first-time surfers. Arrange for a lesson with one of the surf instructors in the area.

Out of the water, spread out a towel on the soft sand and admire the beautiful surroundings. Buy ice creams or cold soft drinks from the vendors who walk along the beach throughout the day. Other vendors sell artisanal clothing, bracelets and necklaces, as well as various handmade items.

Framing the cove is a collection of typical Mexican palapa (thatch-roofed) bars. Enjoy a moment of shade from the hot sun, feast on just-caught seafood and quench your thirst with a tropical-flavored cocktail. Several of the beach bars offer free sun loungers to their customers. It’s also possible to rent a lounger for the day.

Carrizalillo Beach is only about a 5-minute drive from the center of Puerto Escondido. Taxis travel regularly between the beach and town center. If you are driving, find free parking above the cliff.

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