Central Market

Pick up the ingredients for a picnic, souvenirs to take home or just a quick snack at this authentic local fresh food market.

The people of Spain are incredibly passionate about their food; it’s a central part of their daily lives. For many residents of Alicante, their day begins at the Central Market, an enormous fresh market in the heart of the city. Covering a huge area, the market has more than 200 stalls on two levels. Most of the wares at the market are fresh produce and meats; however, there are some non-perishable items, making it a great destination to pick up authentic souvenirs. If you’re heading to the beach or planning on climbing Mount Benacantil, a stop at the market on your way out of town is a great way to prepare an inexpensive and healthy picnic and get a taste for local customs at the same time. 

You’ll find plenty of fresh fish and seafood from nearby waters, while butchers serve well-priced cuts of local meats. Scattered throughout both floors are many vendors selling sun-ripened fruit and vegetables, including the famous Alicante tomatoes. Make a visit to Alicante’s Central Market for a full-bodied sensory experience; the smells, sights and sounds create a lasting memory. 

As soon as you walk through the market’s grand art deco entrance, you’ll be met by chaos. The market is busy throughout the morning, with tourists and locals alike. Take the time to soak up the atmosphere and do some people-watching. The locals are friendly and most vendors are happy to have a chat. At the rear of the market you’ll find Alicante’s flower market, with a stunning spread of colorful blooms that provide a perfect photo opportunity. Pick up a bouquet to take back to your hotel for a pleasant and aromatic decoration.

Alicante Central Market is located on Avenida Alfonso, in the center of the city. It can be easily reached on foot, and taxis and public transportation also serve the area. Parking in the area is available, but not always easy to find. The market is open every morning except Sunday and there is no fee to enter.

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