Corralejo Beach

Amble along the soft white sand of these beaches, cross the ocean to reach an exotic island and traverse miles of sand dunes.

Enjoy the views of the mountainous Lobos Island from Corralejo Beach. The beach area is split into several bays surrounded by hotels and apartments that are popular with families staying in the region. Look for surfers taking advantage of the high winds to practice their moves on the waves.

Capture photos of the stunning views of the mountains on Lobos Island. Take a short ferry ride to the tiny islet from Corralejo’s harbor. The island is made up of a preserved nature park that has been in place since 1982. Spot seabirds, such as the herring gull and little shearwater. Cover hiking paths around the circumference of the island in 2 or 3 hours.

Back on Corralejo Beach, make the most of the sunny weather by enhancing your tan. Cool off in the clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean and watch surfers practicing on the waves. Relax and watch the many windsurfers and kite surfers who frequent the area to take advantage of the high winds on and around the island.

South of the beach, the terrain turns into a sprawling desert-like park. Clamber over the peaks and troughs of Corralejo Dunes National Park to feel as though you are lost in a desert. Find the ocean to the east and cool down in its welcoming waves.

Dine at one of the restaurants and cafés facing the shore. You’ll find many boutiques as well as hotels and apartments in the area as well.

It is free to access any of these beaches, many of which welcome nudists.

To get to Corralejo Beach, take a shuttle bus or taxi from Fuerteventura Airport, 25 miles (40 kilometers) south of the resort. The journey should take about 40 minutes by car. Use local buses to get around the Corralejo area and to other destinations, such as El Cotillo.

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