Cotillo Beach

Take your surfboard out on the breaking waves after exploring the lagoons, sand dunes and lighthouse of this sandy oasis.

Cotillo Beach is a stunning natural landscape featuring sandy shores, rugged coastlines and lagoons. Water activities are popular here due to the high winds. Capture photos of the remarkable pools of water and the sand dunes beneath the rocky cliffs.

Go on a leisurely stroll along the lengthy stretch of sand from the north to the south of El Cotillo. Admire the lagoons full of fish and crabs that are dotted around this scenic region. You’ll arrive at the red-and-white lighthouse holding the Museum of Traditional Fishing. Here, learn about the customs of local fishermen, who have been at the heart of the island’s culture for centuries.

Discover unspoiled coves between large rocks and enjoy the privacy of being in your own spacious area. Climb through small passages in the rocks and build sand castles with the kids.

Take advantage of the strong waves in this area by taking a surfboard out onto the ocean. Windsurfing and kite surfing are popular here as well. If you’re an expert, take your board to the windier northern part of the beach region. Enjoy the breeze, as you enhance your tan and then dive into the ocean to cool down.

Rent snorkeling or scuba diving gear from tour operators in the village. Your hotel or hostel can usually help to organize water activities. Spot myriad colorful fish in the Atlantic Ocean.

The northern part of El Cotillo, such as La Concha Beach, is more welcoming to nude sunbathers. The southern beaches are more family friendly and rarely overcrowded. Make sure to bring enough water and other amenities, because certain areas are far from shops and restaurants.

Find the Cotillo Beach area along the west coast of the island, just a 25-minute taxi journey west of Corralejo. Both scenic destinations are part of the La Oliva municipality that covers the northern tip of the island. 

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