Ponts Couverts

Walk over this historic structure that dates back to the 13th century and take in the old-world surroundings of the Petite France district.

An emblem of Strasbourg, the Ponts Couverts comprises three connected bridges and several fortified stone towers spanning the arms of the River Ill. Cross over the bridge during the day and return to see it from afar in the evening, when lights reflect off the shimmering water of the canals below.

Gaze up at the magnificent towers, which were originally built back in the Middle Ages. The bridges were first constructed in the 1200s and used to have wooden coverings, hence the name Ponts Couverts, which means covered bridges. Explore one of the few remaining vestiges of the fortified medieval city.

Stroll along the bridges and admire the views of the surrounding city and canals. Try to spot the cathedral spire in the city skyline. For a great view of the bridges, head for the nearby Vauban Dam. Rather confusingly, this structure actually is a covered bridge and its viewing terrace is an ideal spot to survey the city and the Ponts Couverts.

Pay for a boat tour of the canals to glide under the bridges and appreciate them from another angle. Bring along your camera to photograph this picturesque landmark.

The bridge marks the entrance to the quaint Petit France district of the city, which features restaurants and cafés as well as hotels. Amble around and admire the timbered houses, bridges and canals. If you don’t feel like exploring on foot, the Petit Train provides a tour of the neighborhood.

The Ponts Couverts connects with the Petite France area on the Grande Île central island. The bridge is free to visit. Find other popular city attractions, including the Vauban Dam and the Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art within easy walking distance. Walk from the city’s main railway station to the bridge in under 10 minutes.

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