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Quick facts about Equatorial Guinea:

  • With 1.2 million residents, Equatorial Guinea ranks 145th in population compared to other countries
  • The currency in Equatorial Guinea is the CFA Franc
  • Don't forget to stop in Malaboand Bata while you're in the country

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Equatorial Guinea has a tropical climate with the dry season running from December to February in Bioko and from June to August in Río Muni. The city of Annobón has daily rains and a totally cloudless day has never occurred in the city's history. Guests at hotels in Equatorial Guinea should book reservations on Expedia for a stay during the dry season for the most enjoyable visit.

The culture of Equatorial Guinea is a mix of African and Hispanic traditions. The nation celebrates Christian holidays as well as national observances such as Independence Day on October 12 and President's Day on June 5. Travelers looking for cheap hotel deals in Equatorial Guinea should reserve rooms in advance to get the best prices on Expedia.

Many Equatorial Guinea hotel deals help tourists arrange an excursion to Monte Alen National Park. The lush rainforests allow visitors the chance to find mountain gorillas, crocodiles, forest elephants, and other tropical wildlife.

Another special destination for guests staying at Equatorial Guinea hotels is the beach at Ureca. Sea turtles nest on the beaches during the dry season.

When looking for a cheap Equatorial Guinea hotel deal, many travelers make a stop in Bata, which is the nation's largest city. Known for the discount rates for goods at its markets as well as the easy access to nearby islands, Bata is a must-see town.

Malabo is another destination for travelers enjoying affordable Equatorial Guinea hotel packages. As the national capital, Malabo hosts an international airport and one of the two campuses of Colegio Nacional Enrique Nvó Okenve.

While staying in Equatorial Guinea hotels, tourists can get a taste of the national cuisine, which features a blend of indigenous, Spanish, and Moroccan traditions. Most dishes are based upon chicken or fish and include spices, peppers, and a starch. The African tea Osang and Malamba, a sugar cane brew, are served with meals.

With so many places to explore in Equatorial Guinea, visitors will never want to leave the tropical land.