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Use Expedia today to book a vacation and explore all there is to see in Egypt, the 30th-largest country in the world. Whether you want to check out the country's capital of Cairo, or would prefer to stay somewhere more rural, you're sure to find the ideal destination for your trip. See just how simple it is to visit the country of your dreams, start the hunt now.

Want to stay at an exquisite inn in Egypt? Take your pick. Expedia has a vast variety of affordable inns as well. And there are a ton of alternatives in between. It's simply based on what you're in the mood for and how much you'd like to save. And as far as location, you can select a room in any part of the region you'd like. You'll see a variety of accommodation options in the busiest part of the area, as well as remote options on the border of Egypt. When you peruse Expedia's assortment of lodges in Egypt, you're sure to find low rates and awesome deals on any type of hotel in the area.

Quick facts about Egypt:

  • With 91.4 million residents, Egypt ranks 30th in population compared to other countries
  • The currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound
  • Don't forget to stop in Sharm el Sheikh , Cairo , and Hurghada while you're in the country

Arranging a place to stay for your holiday shouldn't be a challenge. Expedia can save you time and money when securing your reservations at any of the hotels in Egypt, so you can spend your time getting the most out of your vacation and not fretting about draining your bank account. So why wait another minute to book your travel plans to Africa and Indian Ocean? Designate your preferred travel dates now to see the best deals on getaways in Egypt!

Egypt hotels are found along the same body of water where Cleopatra and Mark Antony began their great love affair. The story lends a feeling of romanticism to an Egyptian vacation. Egypt hotel packages might lead you to the Great Pyramids, where the imagination is easily sparked by more mystery and intrigue. There are more than 100 such structures in Giza. It is the top-tourist attraction in Egypt. It is a must see when making the trek if you want to get the best experience possible.

It is likely that you will see a camel or two near hotels in Egypt. It pays to be aware of all the animals in the area when you book cheap hotel deals in Egypt. The country is largely made up of the Sahara Desert. That means rodents, scorpions, and snakes may slither up without notice. Most mammals cannot survive in the deep desert. That is why so much of the population is situated along the water ways. Visiting Egypt presents challenges for those visitors who venture into the desert land.

Make reservations for Egypt hotel deals at prices that will save you money. Do not pack typical summer clothes. Intense heat is expected year round. Keep your skin protected with cool clothing that covers the entire body. Take extra sunglasses in case you lose the first pair. The religion in Egypt is mostly Muslim with some Christians as well. The official language is Arabic if you want to learn the language to make it the most authentic trip possible.

Keep in mind that it is extremely important to be respectful to the local customs and traditions as not to offend the locals. The Egyptian people welcome all tourists who follow those simple rules. Grab a bottle of water and saddle up the camel for an exciting desert safari. The vacation will remain emblazoned on your mind as a heart-pumping adventure that was worth the investment.