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Welcome to Kuwait

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Quick facts about Kuwait:

  • With 4.2 million residents, Kuwait ranks 156th in population compared to other countries
  • The currency in Kuwait is the Kuwaiti Dinar
  • Don't forget to stop in Kuwait City and Al Khiran while you're in the country

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When looking for a cheap Kuwait hotel deal, try to find one that includes dinner or lunch. When visiting Kuwait, you will definitely want to sample the delicious local cuisine.

When to Visit

The best time to visit Kuwait is between the months of November and April. Because Kuwait is a desert nation, its summers can be quite warm, but just before or just after summer, temperatures are cool, and the nights are even cooler. Because fewer people travel during the warmer summer months, however, you can often get cheap hotel deals in Kuwait at that time.

Perhaps the best time to visit Kuwait City is during February, March, and April. During this time, Kuwait City is decorated with petunias, giving it quite a pleasant feel. It is important to make reservations at Kuwait hotels well in advance during this period. Some of the top hotels in Kuwait can be found in Kuwait City.


Although Kuwaitis are friendly and warm, observing cultural norms is important. Most greetings are exchanged between members of the same sex, and Kuwaiti women rarely socialize in public. Kuwaitis have a great respect for elders, and elders are allowed to enter through a door first.

As with many Muslim countries, Ramadhan is the most important festival of the year. During this time, publicly eating during daylight should be avoided. It can also be difficult to find Kuwait hotel deals during this time, but when you do get one at special discount rates, make sure to book it in advance to ensure you have a room available.

When conducting business, remember that conservative styles are the cultural norm. Men should consider quality light-weight suits. Women should be careful to avoid wearing revealing or tight-fitting clothing.

By observing proper etiquette, visitors can not only avoid offending people, but they will enjoy their visit more. Even if the best Kuwait hotel deals are booked, an accidental faux pas in etiquette can cause unnecessary distress.

Public Transportation in Kuwait

When traveling about the cities, it is recommended that the excellent and inexpensive public transport system be used. Hiring or renting a car requires an International Driving Permit, and traffic in the larger cities can often be quite dense. When looking for Kuwait hotel packages, look to see if any include shuttles or other public transportation services to those renting rooms at the hotel.