Relax on grassy lawns, enjoy a picnic and attend many cultural, fashion and music events at this esplanade in the heart of Helsinki.

Esplanadi is a picturesque esplanade consisting of two historic one-way streets and a large public park. Walk along charming pebble paths and notice the pretty mature trees. Esplanadi Park, established in the 19th century, also features weekend markets and cultural events year-round.

Watch a live music performance in Esplanadi Park or attend many other events, including fashion shows and student parades. The park is a historic meeting place for Helsinki locals and a great area for tourists to relax when visiting nearby attractions, such as Kauppatori Market Square and Helsinki Cathedral.

Notice the Svenska Teatern on the western border of Esplanadi Park. This 19th-century Swedish-language theater hosts classics, new dramas, musicals and children’s theater. See a performance or enjoy coffee and a pastry in Svenska Teatern’s small café.

Find the center of Esplanadi Park to see a statue of Johan Ludvig Runeberg, a renowned 19th-century Finno-Swedish poet, who is considered the national poet of Finland. Runeberg’s son, Walter Runeberg, sculpted this statue in the late 19th century.

Havis Amanda is located on the eastern edge of Esplanadi Park. This bronze art nouveau statue depicts a mermaid as she rises from the water. Admire this grand statue, crafted in Paris by Finnish sculptor Ville Vallgren. It was moved to Helsinki’s Market Square and erected in the early 20th century. 

Helsinki Cathedral is about a 5-minute walk from Esplanadi. This stunning Finnish Evangelical Lutheran cathedral was completed in the mid-19th century. Notice the imposing green dome surrounded by four smaller domes. Helsinki Cathedral is one of the most impressive architectural structures in the city.

Find Esplanadi in the heart of Helsinki, about 13 miles (21 kilometers) from Helsinki Airport. Esplanadi Park features a popular restaurant and a small kiosk. The kiosk serves pastries, coffee and ice cream during the summer. Alternatively, find many excellent restaurants and cafés in the streets surrounding Esplanadi.

Stop at Esplanadi to relax on grassy areas, investigate historic statues and dine at outstanding Finnish restaurants when visiting many of Helsinki’s major attractions.

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