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Museo del Mare featuring night scenes and heritage elements
Explore this land in idyllic southern Italy surrounded by a cerulean sea. The island has features like its better-known neighboring locations, with fewer tourists.

The island of Ischia in Italy’s Campania region is a recognized vacation spot for locals. It offers many of the features of its more popular neighboring areas with somewhat lower costs. Ischia is larger and higher than nearby Isle of Capri. Discover Ischia’s beaches and spas that entice visitors to return multiple times.

Find some of Ischia’s best white sand beaches in the towns of Forio and Lacco Ameno. Lie on the sand on this island in the Bay of Naples and swim in the sea. In some spots warm mineral spring water flows near the shore. Arrive early in the day to claim a spot, especially during busier July and August.

Therapeutic springs are a big part of Ischia’s appeal. The more than 300 spas on the island can be more affordable than others elsewhere on the coast. Shop around, as prices range at thermal parks scattered throughout the island. In the town of Panza enjoy free access to the warm mineralized water of Sorgeto Hot Springs.

Botanical beauty is evident throughout the island. Visit La Mortella, a garden with a Moorish influence featuring over 1,000 exotic plants. Stay for one of the concerts offered at various times throughout the year.

The ferry terminal is in the main town, Ischia Porto, where commercial activity and nightlife are busiest. Walk along the shopping strip of Via Roma. This street eventually turns into Corso Vittoria Colonna, leading to Ischia’s landmark, Castello Aragonese. This 15th-century castle has a torture museum and incredible views over the Bay of Naples.

While other modes of transportation are available, walking is the best way to see Ischia. Rent a boat or take a water tour for a different perspective. Connect to Ischia by frequent ferries from Naples, Sorrento or Pozzuoli. Discover why the island is an excellent choice for your Italy vacation. True to southern Italy’s romantic image, Ischia has been a filming location for numerous Italian movies.

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Ischia showing a house and heritage architecture

Ischia Porto

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Ischia Porto is known for its captivating waterfront views, and you can make a stop by Ischia Port and Terme di Ischia while in the area.

Ischia Porto