Jameos del Agua

This volcanic formation features stunning gardens and a tropical pool that embodies the "art in nature" spirit of its architect, César Manrique. 

Explore Jameos del Agua to see volcanic rock formations seamlessly combined with the architecturally designed gardens and pools. Bring a camera to capture the intriguing spaces, spot native crabs and return at night to party in one of Lanzarote's most treasured attractions.

Jameos del Agua is both naturally constructed and man-made. Its caverns (known as jameos) and unroofed enclosures were created 3,000 years ago by Monte Corona's lava flows. However, its artistic gardens, fairy tale-like pathways and tropical lagoon were the mind-child of César Manrique, Lanzarote's famed architect. 

Enter Jameos del Agua via a small entrance into Jameo Chico (Small Jameo). Climb a spiral staircase constructed from volcanic rock and wood to reach the entrance to the next chamber. At this point, the caves open onto charming ornamental vegetation, bathed in sunlight filtering through a collapsed portion of the caverns.  

Cross a lake and a footbridge to get to Jameo Grande (Large Jameo). Admire a pretty blue-green lagoon surrounded by dark volcanic walls. Spot blind albino crabs scuttling around the water; these protected crustaceans are a symbol of the area. Swimming is not permitted throughout Jameos del Agua.

Take a multi-lingual guided tour to learn about the geological features of the caves and its transformation at the hands of Manrique. In the grand chamber, marvel at a recently reconstructed auditorium, which is used for classical concerts and film screenings. 

Visit La Casa de los Volcanes, a tourist center where you can learn about the volcanic activities of Lanzarote. Watch instruments measuring the earth's tectonic movements in real time. The nearby gift shop sells cactus jams, aloe products and souvenirs. 

For a unique party atmosphere, visit Jameos del Agua on Tuesday or Saturday nights. Enjoy pleasant tunes as you eat at the on-site restaurants or dance to lively folk music while sipping a cocktail.

Get to Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote's north via a tour bus or park a rented car near the entrance. The caves are open daily and there is an entry fee.  

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