Leipzig Zoo

Meet some of the planet’s most fascinating creatures, from monkeys to big cats, in this expansive city-center zoo.

Roam between the varied microclimates of Leipzig Zoo’s enclosures and see regal giraffes, curious tapirs and mighty gorillas. The diverse menagerie exists in the lively university city of Leipzig, yet it feels like entering a wilderness far away from urban life. Step into a microcosm of the world at this popular and informative zoo.

The animal enclosures are divided into themed sections. Enter through the old zoo gate into the Founder’s Garden. The zoo started as this garden in 1878. Today you can still explore this historical section of the attraction, where you will meet howler monkeys and colorful fish.

Ride a wooden boat along a man-made river in Gondwanaland. This recreated rainforest is the home of hippopotamuses, otters and large reptiles. Drift beneath a glass dome through a tropical jungle and head underground to get up-close to prehistoric animals.

Meet mighty primates in Pongoland, a woodland area that houses chimpanzees, orangutans and western lowland gorillas. Imagine yourself transported to a whole new continent as you study zebras, ostriches and other animals in the Africa enclosures. As you explore, look for fearsome Angola lions.

Birds with kaleidoscopic plumage flutter around the South America section. Here, kids can meet and pet young animals like dwarf goats and donkeys in an interactive children’s garden. Travel to Asia to meet majestic elephants and elusive Amur tigers.

Attend keeper talks to learn about how the zoo is committed to conservation and what they do to make it a suitable environment for the animals. Watch the keepers feed and wash the animals throughout the day. Ask at the entrance for specific feeding times and talks.

Leipzig Zoo is open daily and located just north of the city center. It can be reached by Leipzig’s light rail services. The zoo has its own parking garage next to the park for those driving there. Visit in winter for reduced admission fees or arrive 90 minutes before closing time to explore at a reduced price.

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