Leipzig University

Tour the campus of one of the oldest universities in the world, where historic buildings share a site with sleek new constructions.

Leipzig University has been one of the focal points of the city since its inception. This venerable institution is found in the heart of Leipzig and offers museums and architectural wonders. Soak up the academic atmosphere of the campus on a walking tour of the area. You don’t have to be a student to appreciate the elegance of the buildings or interesting museums.

Discover six centuries of history in the second-oldest university in Germany. The establishment was founded in 1409 by scholars from Prague.

Start your exploration of the university on Augustusplatz to see the newest side of the campus. Stand back to take in the full picture of the remarkable main building, the New Augusteum. An ultra-modern structure of blue glass runs across the entire length of the square. Head inside to examine the historical art in the sleek foyer.

Next to this is the Paulinum, a church and auditorium built in the same futuristic style as the Augusteum. Listen as the guides explain what the old church looked like and why it was redeveloped.

Attend a public seminar in the new lecture hall. The university aims to be one of the leading educational establishments and hosts lectures and symposiums covering various progressive issues and forward-thinking topics.

Visit the museums and galleries run by the university. See a vast collection of ancient artifacts in the Egyptian Museum and European paintings in the University Art Collection.

Leipzig University is located right in the center of the city, less than 5-minutes’ walk from iconic landmarks such as the St. Thomas Church, the Bach Museum and Market Square. To reach the university, ride a tram to Augustusplatz.

The university is open daily throughout the year and is free for the public to explore. Free tours of the campus are held on the first Saturday of the month between April and October. Booking is not required, but inquire in advance about tour departure times.

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