Lion House

Check out this palatial residence in Temple Square and see beautifully restored parlors with 19th-century furnishings. Have a meal at the atmospheric restaurant.

Salt Lake City’s Lion House was the family home of Brigham Young, the first governor of the state of Utah. The magnificent homestead was built in 1856 and has been meticulously restored to its former glory. Look up at the building from the street and admire its front entrance, which is guarded by a large statue of a lion. Today, the splendid house contains a restaurant and the sprawling rooms are used as events venues.

Known to Latter-day Saints as the “Lion of the Lord,” Brigham Young was a well-known character in the church and served as the president between 1847 and 1877. The building was completed in the 1850s to house the president’s large family. Examine the imposing statue above the front doorway and the symmetrical windows with charming green shutters on the three-story building.

Walk up the short stairway into the building and enter the Lion House Pantry. This gorgeous restaurant on the first floor of the house is brimming with pioneer-style ambiance. Take a seat in the restaurant to enjoy the authentic 19th-century décor and traditional Western hospitality. The restaurant and its adjoining parlor rooms have been exquisitely furnished with antiques. Peruse freshly baked goods at the Lion House Bakery and select from house-made pies, breads and desserts. The Lion House’s outstanding facilities and pretty garden can be rented for seminars, receptions and banquets.

Visit the Lion House in Salt Lake City’s historic downtown on the southeast corner of Temple Square, a popular destination containing many of the city’s historic landmarks. You’ll find the Salt Lake Temple, the Church History Museum, the Family History Library, Beehive House, the Conference Center, the Assembly Hall and the Tabernacle in this historic square. The Lion House is free to visit for patrons of the Lion House Pantry restaurant. The restaurant is open daily, except Sundays.

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