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Known for Snorkeling, Boating and Surfing

Relax in upscale huts and swim in the clear, shallow water by the beaches that enclose this historic city.

How do you get to Maceio?

Palm trees and mangroves decorate the pristine beaches that make Maceió a picturesque oasis on Brazil’s northeastern coast. Most bays have calm and shallow water with natural pools that emerge at low tide. Get a sense of the city’s intriguing culture through its handicraft bazaars, live street performances and seafood restaurants.

Visit the urban Ponta Verde Beach, which contains particularly lavish tents with acclaimed food and excellent service. Walk west to get to Pajuçara Beach for its natural pools full of colorful fish. Cycle along the boulevard lane and relish the view of the water between the palm trees.

On the southwestern flank of the beach is the fascinating Museum of Image and Sound of Alagoas, which contains many exhibits using videos, photos and audio samples with political and social relevance.

Glimpse the local city life with an afternoon in the downtown area. Visit the Maceió Metropolitan Cathedral to admire its imposing frontage and excellent stained-glass windows. A few blocks to the east, watch a performance at the Deodoro Theater. The vast Maceio Shopping Center lies between the beach area and the downtown district.

Many secluded and tranquil bays, such as Paripueira Beach, lie outside the city. Go snorkeling around the network of coral reefs.

Learn about the rich history of this city that played a key role in the country’s sugar industry. Try the shrimp, lobster and crab dishes that are specialties in this region.

Expect a hot and humid climate typical of tropical parts of the world. The rainy season lasts from May to September, when it is not quite as hot as the rest of the year. Stay at one of the many hotels and posadas that overlook the beaches.

Fly to the Zumbi dos Palmares International Airport and drive southeast for 15 miles (24 kilometers) to get here. It is the largest city in the state of Alagoas on the northeastern coast of Brazil. Ride a bus from Recife to get to the city’s bus terminal in 4 or 5 hours.

Maceió is a cultural hub flanked by some of Brazil’s most tranquil and scenic beaches.

Best neighborhoods to visit in Maceio

Things to do in Maceio

Take a boat to a natural shallow pool and cycle along the promenade in this busy beach area of bars and restaurants.

Purchase seafood and cold beverages from the fashionable huts on this popular beach that offers a cool breeze and water sports options.

Relax for a day enhancing your tan, swimming and dining on fresh seafood at this delightful sweep of fluffy white sand. 

Gaze up at the impressive façade from the park and enter the church for its ecclesiastical gems and stained-glass windows.

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At the northernmost point of the Alagoas Gold Coast lies Maragogi, a charming municipality blessed with the exuberant beauty of pristine beaches and living galés reef, named after old shipwrecks. Explore this amazing eco-system that's formed by natural pools among coral-lined reefs.

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Duas Barras, located in the Jequiá da Praia municipality on the southern Alagoas coastline, features an enchanting white-sand beach that's gently protected by an offshore reef. Travel from Maceió to where the River Jequiá meets the Atlantic and explore this little corner of paradise.

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Journey north from Maceió to Paripueira Beach, located in a Coral Coast Environmental Preservation Area, and famous for its calm, shallow waters and magnificent coral reefs.

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Journey to Barra de São Miguel, where you board a schooner and sail out through the magnificent landscape of the Lagoa do Roteiro. Land at the beach paradise of Gunga and bask on golden sand while gazing at crystalline water.

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Spend a memorable day at the São Francisco River Nature Sanctuary with this tour. After following a coconut-lined road to the town of Piaçabuçu, along the banks of the Old Chico, board a vessel and head for the mouth of the longest entirely Brazilian river, the São Francisco.

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Enjoy a visually and culturally rich tour of Maceió's main tourist attractions, covering cathedrals, palaces, government buildings, and other landmarks. It's the best way to immerse yourself in the history of this beautiful coastal city.