The sprawling square outside Freiburg’s Gothic cathedral is the site of a marketplace, one of the city’s major attractions.

Visit this central square outside Freiburg Munster, the city’s main cathedral, to experience a bustling marketplace that takes place every day except Sunday. Muensterplatz’s market hosts up to 160 vendors selling groceries, handcrafted wares and souvenirs. At the northern end of the marketplace you’ll find a dedicated farmer’s market selling the best local produce available. Spend a morning shopping at the market before you explore Freiburg’s historic town center via the streets that lead away from the market.

Visit the market on a Wednesday or Saturday for the fullest experience. These days see the most vendors in attendance giving you the most shopping options. On particularly busy Saturdays the market is known to take over the surrounding streets.

Pick up gifts and souvenirs typical of southern Germany. There are many stalls selling handmade products and traditional items. At the farmer’s market, try local produce, such as cheese, meats and wine. During the Freiburg wine festival you’ll have the chance to sample the best wine Germany has to offer on a scale much larger than the usual daily offerings.

While the square itself functions mainly as a marketplace, there are other major attractions around the square worth visiting. See the Freiburg Munster’s Gothic architecture or take in a Sunday mass beneath its towering spire. Visit the Historic Merchants’ Hall that faces the square, one of the most impressive buildings in the city.  Look for the two fountains located in the square, named after St. Lambert and St. George.

Muensterplatz is located in the heart of Freiburg’s historic old town and can be reached on foot from most central hotels and attractions. A number of train and bus stops are in the surrounding area. There is no fee to enter the market.

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