Visit Vienna’s oldest, largest and most popular market and enjoy the tastes of the freshly picked produce and mouthwatering snacks from the food carts and bars. 

The locals call the popular Naschmarkt “Vienna’s stomach,” because this traditional market is all about food. Stroll past the food stalls and pick from locally produced bread, fruits and vegetables, organic meats or cheeses or satisfy your hunger on the spot at one of the many food outlets. Take your pick from Austrian or international cuisines with a simple fried snack or more refined delicatessen. 

The Naschmarkt has been in operation since the mid-16th century when it was primarily used as a market for milk in wooden buckets. Toward the end of the 18th century local farmers began selling their produce here too. By 1916 more than 120 stalls had been built, making it the largest traditional market in Vienna.

Follow the locals as they move among the stalls, picking out the freshest fruits and vegetables. You’ll be sure to find delicious fresh seasonal produce for a good price. Scents of exotic herbs and spices fill the air as you make your way around because the market now also has a large Turkish and Middle Eastern contingent. 

If all the smells start to make you hungry, stop to eat at one of the numerous food stalls or terraces. Besides the traditional Austrian fare such as Wiener schnitzel or sausage, often washed down with a beer, you can find Japanese sushi, Turkish kebabs, Indian curries and much more at Naschmarkt. 

If you like hunting for second-hand paraphernalia, books or antiques, then come to the Naschmarkt on a Saturday morning when the bazaar incorporates a large flea market. Join the students, antique hunters and curious tourists and search for a bargain. 

The Naschmarket is located on the Wienzeile (Vienna Row) and stretches out over nearly a mile (1.5 kilometers). Since it is centrally located near Karlsplatz, it is easiest to come here on foot or by public transportation. Come toward the end of the day to negotiate cheaper deals on fresh produce. The daily market is closed on Sundays.

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