Northern Norway

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Learn about the residents’ indigenous roots, explore snowy terrain and gaze up at the aurora borealis in the Kingdom of Light.

Northern Norway is a vast expanse with historical sites decorating the wilderness. Snowy peaks and islands make up the exceptional scenery of this cultural home of the Sami people. Drive through sparsely populated valleys and hills at the northern end of the world.

Learn about the Sami community, the northernmost indigenous people in Europe, with a visit to Sápmi Park in Karasjok. Taste reindeer meat, learn glass-blowing and watch a revealing film in the Magical Theater. The town has various intriguing sights, including the Sami Parliament of Norway and the Kárášjohka River.

Among the largest towns is Tromsø, which is known as the Gateway to the Arctic and has many cultural sights. Visit the Northern Norway Art Museum, the Mack Brewery and the Tromsø University Museum for an insight into the region’s history. The Polar Museum contains interesting exhibits about seal hunting and Arctic expeditions.

Summers are bright and relatively warm, with midnight sun in June and July. Lay down a blanket for a picnic next to Lillevardhaug Lake or As Lake. Explore the dense forests in the North Cape of Norway. Visit Kautokeino for the Kautokeino Church, the Kautokeino Museum and the charming Juhls’ Silver Gallery.

The dark, freezing winter is the best time to see the northern lights, since parts of the region are totally deprived of sunlight in December and January. Gaze up at the green and pink rays of the aurora borealis from most parts of Northern Norway. Among the best place to see them is the Northern Lights Cathedral in Alta.

The region comprises Norway’s northernmost counties of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark. Take cruises to get to the various islands and drive around this picturesque terrain in the northern extremes of Europe. You can also fly from Oslo Airport to Tromsø and other towns. Cross the borders to see the northern parts of Sweden and Finland.

Visit Northern Norway for its serenity, picturesque terrain and intriguing indigenous culture.

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If you're spending some time in Vesterålen, Sortland Museum is a top sight worth visiting.

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