Old Jewish Cemetery (Stary Zidovsky Hrbitov)

Visit the this historic collection of gravestones and learn about the plight of the Jewish people of Prague.

The Old Jewish Cemetery (Starý Židovský Hřbitov) is one of the oldest of its kind in Europe. Wander around the thousands of tombstones while you come to understand the customs of Jewish burials. Visit the grave of Avigdor Kara, the oldest remaining grave in the cemetery, or that of Rabbi Löew, the most famous person buried here.

Used for over 300 years until 1787, the cemetery contains the graves of all the Jewish residents of Prague during that time. Since Jewish law forbids the removal of graves, and the cemetery was the only of its kind during the time, graves were literally built on top of each other. In some places the bodies are buried up to 12 deep, explaining the jumble of gravestones of which there are about 12,000.

Enter the cemetery via the Pinkas Synagogue, where you will find a memorial to local victims of the holocaust. This is a moving tribute that highlights the continuing plight of the Jewish people of Prague.

Take some time to ponder the many lives lost as you walk through the shady groves. Around the gravestone of the 15th-century spiritual leader Rabbi Löew ben Bezalel you may see tiny scraps of paper with wishes of Jewish visitors. They believe he can help make their dreams come true.

The Jewish Cemetery is located within the Jewish Quarter. The area can be reached by tram or metro and the cemetery is just a short walk from both. The cemetery is closed on Saturdays and Jewish holidays. To avoid the ticket lines for the cemetery and other attractions in the Jewish Quarter, buy discounted multiple Jewish Museum tickets at once at the nearby Maisel Synagogue.

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