Papeete Town Hall

This inspiring structure is the city’s preeminent architectural triumph with its bright colonial features, picturesque grounds and iconic clock tower.

The standout building in French Polynesia’s capital city is the architectural wonder of Papeete Town Hall. This magnificent structure was built as a replica of a former royal palace. Its bright yellow façade, white columns, red roof and scenic gardens perfectly embody the French colonial style that can be seen throughout Tahiti. Notice its red-and-white clock tower, an iconic symbol that hovers over the city.  

Admire the multi-colored façade of the grand structure, as you stand in the well-kept gardens in front of it. The building is surrounded by a veranda, which is a throwback to 19th-century colonial architecture. Relax in the calm ambiance among palm trees and a pond. Gaze up at the Tahitian flag flying majestically in front of the building.

Take a tour inside of the impressive building to see its ornate fixtures. Marvel at crystal chandeliers and historical artifacts. You will find sculptured glass furnishings and pink Italian marble.

Attend one of the many events that take place in the hall, such as art exhibits and cultural programs. Dine at a nearby restaurant or visit some of the other landmarks in the area, such as Cathédrale de l’Immaculée Conception.

The majestic town hall was inaugurated in 1990 to mark the city’s centenary. It was constructed in the style of the 19th-century Queen’s palace that once occupied the same spot. Today, it houses the mayor’s office as well as other government departments.

The site is open to the public from morning until afternoon from Monday to Friday.

Papeete Town Hall is located on the city’s west coast and is easily accessible by train. The hall sits in the center of the city, surrounded by recognizable landmarks such as the Papeete Market and the Black Pearl Museum. It is also not far from the green parks and picturesque vistas of Nanuu Bay, which are worth a visit.

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