Perth Zoo

Feed the graceful giraffes, observe playful penguins, and admire the dangerous creepy crawlies and cute pouched animals that Australia is so famous for.

Perth Zoo is home to 1,200 different animals of more than 160 species. The 41-acre (17-hectare) facility has been open every single day since 1898 and receives hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. There are seven exhibits that span four continents and house some of the planet’s most fascinating creatures. However, the local wildlife is perhaps the biggest attraction.

To see the region’s unique wildlife first, visit the Australian Bushwalk section. Learn all about the pouched marsupials, which include koalas, red kangaroos, wallabies and wombats. You’ll also spot Tasmanian devils, which are endemic to Australia’s southern island state. Move on to the Australian Wetlands to admire local birds, crocodiles, frogs and tortoises. Wander through Nocturnal House for a look at the spiders, reptiles and birds that roam the surrounding desert after dark.

Gaze at native snakes, lizards and turtles at the Reptile Encounter. Visit Penguin Plunge to see dozens of penguins splash and play in the 13,200-gallon (50,000-liter) pool complete with reefs, beaches and coastal flora. Make your way to the African Savannah to feed giraffes, look at rhinos and admire the mighty lions. You’ll also see hyenas, cheetahs and baboons.

Get up-close to a rare Galapagos tortoise or gaze at marmosets, alligators and colorful macaws in Animals of the Americas. Head over to the Asian Rainforest to see orangutans, sun bears and Komodo dragons. You can also watch slippery otters play in their glass-sided tank and see dusty Asian elephants.

The zoo also has its own botanical collection that features everything from roses to giant palm trees. Take a walk to see the wide array of stunning plants from around Australia.

The Perth Zoo is located in South Perth, about two miles (3.2 kilometers) from the city center, across the Swan River. Pay to park in the surrounding streets or take public transport. You can also board the ferry to Mends Street Jetty. The zoo is open daily, including major holidays. Children under 16 years old only pay half the admission price.

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