Piazza della Repubblica

Try local food and beverages, see the city’s modern architecture or mingle with the locals in one of the most popular areas to stay in Milan.

The Piazza della Repubblica is a green refuge in Milan’s dense city center. It offers a sprawling grassy area, shady trees and a number of fountains and monuments. This central piazza was built to accommodate the new Milano Central Station in 1865. Today the piazza is surrounded by many of Milan’s downtown hotels and restaurants and is a popular base for visitors to enjoy the city.

Piazza della Repubblica is one of the more modern precincts in Milan and is surrounded by a number of the city’s tallest buildings. The Breda Tower, once the tallest skyscraper in the city, overlooks the square. In a country so well known for its Renaissance and 19th-century architecture, the piazza is a great opportunity to see some of the nation’s best contemporary architects, including the work of Luigi Mattioni.

Many of the buildings in the area are offices, meaning you’ll get a glimpse into the everyday lives of the Milanese. Great people-watching can be done in the park at the center of the piazza. Here you’ll also find a monument to the famous 19th-century activist, Giuseppe Mazzini. As an important figure in the republican movement, Mazzini was a dividing figure in his time, but with the fall of fascism he was hailed as one of the great Italian thinkers.

Dine at one of the city’s best restaurants in the Piazza della Repubblica district. The streets that surround the Piazza are full of traditional Italian pizzerias and trattorias, offering a range of dining options. Sample local cheeses and wines or one of the local delicacies, like Risotto alla Milanese, a saffron-infused rice dish. On your way back to your hotel wander the streets with a frozen gelato in hand, a true Italian experience.

Piazza della Repubblica is located in downtown Milan and is easily accessed using the Repubblica metro station or the Milan Central Station. Many hotels offer off-street parking in the area.

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