Porto Cathedral

This superb cathedral combining Gothic and Romanesque styles features a wealth of religious sculpture and painting. 

Visit Porto Cathedral and admire the stunning wall of painted tiles, the fabulous silver altarpiece and the glistening treasury. Enjoy the superb views across the city from the upper floor and learn about the cathedral’s integral place in Porto’s history. 

Stroll around the cathedral and admire the Romanesque façade. One of the oldest parts of the cathedral, the plaza has changed little since the structure was completed in the 13th century. With its high towers and peaked battlements, at first glance it resembles a fort, although you will start to appreciate several other features as you get closer. Admire the beautiful rose-shaped stained-glass window above the main entrance. Note the slight difference in style of the cupolas on the turrets. These Baroque elements were added in the 18th century. 

Step inside the cathedral to discover a wealth of religious art. Your eye will be drawn to the glistening silver altarpiece of the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament. Explore the interior further and you will come to the small São Vincente Chapel where you will see a set of sculptures which date to the 14th century. Head to the treasury to appreciate more superb sculptures and fine religious paintings. You will also find other relics such as old scripts and jewelry. 

Be sure to pay a visit to the Gothic-style cloister. This was added during the reign of King John I and features one of the cathedral’s highlights, a superb wall of painted tiles by artist Valentim de Almeida.

Don’t miss the fine granite staircase designed by Italian architect, Nicolau Nasoni. Climb these steps to reach the upper floor and enjoy superb views across Porto and the River Douro. 

Porto Cathedral is located in the city center, a short walk from several bus and metro stops. Admission is free throughout the year although there is a small fee to enter the cloisters. It is open daily.

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