Postjona Caves

Admire the stunning formations sculpted by natural forces in this brightly lit maze of caves and follow the tunnel to a mysterious cliff-top castle.

The Postojna Caves are an intricate network of tunnels decorated by stalagmites and other natural features. An electric train runs through the intriguing passageways, which lead deep into the hillside before opening up at the site of a magnificent Renaissance castle.

Take a guided tour of the cave system to learn about its bizarre formations. Spot the cave’s olms, which are the largest troglodytic amphibian in the world. The pink worm-like creatures live in water and can be seen in the tour’s aquarium.

Marvel at the incredible cave formations illuminated by brightly colored lights as your train travels past. Take an audio guide to learn more about each of the cave’s rooms, such as the elegant White Hall. Read the Golden Book of Visitors to find out which famous figures have visited the caves. Admire the Brilliant stalagmite, a white limestone rock with a height of 16 feet (5 meters). Water trickling down the natural pillar gives it a shiny appearance.

Find out the fascinating history behind the caves. The Pivka River initially carved this labyrinth. It was one of the first parts of the country to receive electric lighting towards the end of the 19th century. Discover how German forces used the caves to store aircraft fuel during World War II.

Enjoy the illuminated nativity scene during the Christmas season. You can purchase combination tickets that include access to the Predjama Castle, which lies to the northwest of the cave system. Cave tours are held every hour from morning until early evening in summer. Note that the tours are a little less frequent during winter. Most of the tour is taken on foot, so ensure you wear suitable shoes for walking.

The Postojna Caves are on the outskirts of Postojna village in western Slovenia. Buses provide a connection between the town’s main train station and the caves’ entrance. The nearby coastal town of Portorož is a 1-hour drive west, close to the Croatian border.

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