Royal Palace of Brussels

Enjoy a rare glimpse of a palace interior or admire the facade of the royal palace from Brussels Park. You might even see the King or Queen of the Belgians.

While the King and Queen of the Belgians live in a palace north of the center of Brussels, the Royal Palace is where they work. Since the 19th century, Belgian monarchs have greeted the people from the doors of this Royal Palace, which remains in operation today. Most of the year visitors to the palace can view it only from afar. In summer the palace opens its doors to the public. Explore many cavernous rooms as you admire the ornate architecture, an initiative of ‘The Belgian Bull,” King Leopold II. A visit to the Royal Palace is central to understanding Belgium’s royal history and provides a rare insight into the daily life of the King and Queen.

Cross Brussels Park to reach the Royal Palace. The sprawling gardens are surrounded by some of the most important buildings in the city. Take photographs of the views from the garden center. As you approach the Royal Palace you’ll notice its imposing facade. King Leopold II, who decided the palace was too small for a king of his caliber, altered its exterior in the late 19th century. It features sculptures depicting industry and agriculture, with a small garden in the foreground. You’ll have the best vantage for photographs from the park.

Each summer the palace welcomes the public to see its magnificent interior. Walk through the grand halls, function rooms and meeting places as you learn the history of the Belgian royal family. Art lovers have a rare opportunity to see contemporary works from four of Belgium’s highest praised artists. Jan Fabre’s Heaven of Delight features the wing cases of more than one million Thai jewel beetles. A series of black-and-white portraits by Dirk Braeckman depict King Albert II and Queen Paola. 

The Royal Palace of Brussels is located just east of the downtown precinct and can be reached by car or metro. There is ample street parking in the area for a modest fee. The palace can be visited daily throughout the year, while in summer it can be entered every day but Monday. There is no fee.

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