Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba Vacation Packages

Visit these three Dutch islands to enjoy a laid-back lifestyle and some of the best diving in the Caribbean Sea.

Bicycle on the more than 185 miles (300 kilometers) of trails on Bonaire, the largest of the islands. From the road near Pekelmeer Sanctuary see colorful flamingos. Learn about Bonaire’s conservation efforts for these birds as well as sea turtles, coral, conch and donkeys.

Bonaire National Marine Park has over 80 dive sites, many accessible from shore. Look for star coral, seahorses and manta rays at One Thousand Steps. Snorkel at Bari Reef, with more than 300 fish species. Tour some of the island’s 400 caves with guides.

Enjoy other sports on Bonaire including kayaking, fishing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing. Watch the island’s traditional dances of Simadan and Bari.

Sint Eustatius is sometimes called the Golden Rock for its history as a wealthy trading port. Dive in the St. Eustatius Marine Park next to flying gurnards that look a bit like colorful swimming butterflies. Inland explore Quill National Park to climb the peak soaring to 2,000 feet (600 meters) and wander through the tropical rainforest in the volcanic crater.

Travel here during special festival days for Sint Eustatius. Emancipation Day on July 1 rejoices the ending of slavery. Statia Day on November 16 celebrates the local culture and also commemorates the country’s recognition of the United States of America as a nation in 1776, as Sint Eustatius was the first country to do so.

Learn about Saba’s past at the Dutch Museum Saba. Travel from the Windwardside to The Bottom on the Road, a serpentine highway that took over 20 years to build. Hike up Mount Scenery, the highest point in Saba and all of the Netherlands. Dive in Saba Marine Park with a licensed dive operator to see underwater volcanic geology.

Visit Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba for great diving and a taste of the Netherlands in the Caribbean Sea.

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