Slatina Beach

Join other vacationers at this centrally located concrete beach, which is equipped with numerous family-friendly amenities.

Slatina Beach is a user-friendly swimming beach located in the center of the town. While most beaches in this region are rocky, this one has been paved over in concrete, making it safe and easy to navigate. Rent reclining sun loungers for sunbathing, go for a refreshing swim in the sea or engage in various watersports.

This modest but clean spot is the town’s most popular beach. Listen for sounds of beachgoers enjoying their day out. Bursts of cheers, giggles and loud chat can often be heard over the sounds of shallow waves at the surrounding beach area.

Bring the whole family along for a day at sea. This beach has amenities to cater to all needs, from stores selling towels and flippers to changing rooms and outdoor showers. For protection from the powerful Mediterranean sun, rent an umbrella and take cover under its shade. 

This beach also has an adapted stair entrance, making it easy for swimmers to enter the sea. Look out to the Adriatic on a clear day; you may be able to spot the distant island of Krk. Swim away from the shoreline and pause to get a good view of Opatija and the wooded mountains towering above the town. 

Shops along the beach offer equipment for various watersports activities. Try the exciting options of Jet Skiing or parasailing. When you get hungry, choose from numerous cafés and snack vendors located along the length of the beach. Perk up with a coffee on a café terrace or pick up souvenirs for friends and family at the shops. When the sun sets, retreat to one of the lively beach bars to sip a refreshing drink.

Slatina Beach is usually busy during the summer months, but the lively atmosphere is part of its appeal. For a break from the crowds, stroll along the Lungomare promenade that stretches out in both directions from Slatina. Find several quieter rocky bays where you can swim near this walkway. If driving, used metered on-street parking and make the short walk from the village center.

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