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Thun which includes a house, a river or creek and flowers
From adventures on mountains, glaciers and lakes to explorations of pretty Alpine towns and chic modern cities, Switzerland supplies natural and man-made thrills.

Switzerland is perhaps most well-known for its chocolate, watches and cheese, but it is the country’s stunning scenery that is the real star of the show. Discover postcard-perfect Alpine towns such as Zermatt, Interlaken and Grindelwald as well as serene lakeside retreats such as Interlaken and Montreux.

Hiking and skiing enthusiasts will revel in the peaks to be found in the Swiss Alps. Ascend the Matterhorn, famous for its jagged tooth-like peak, with a mountain guide, or take a scenic flight overhead. Ride the railway to the heart of the Jungfrau and embark on a snowshoe hike with spectacular views.

Switzerland is also famous for its lakes. Head to the vineyards around the shores of Lake Geneva for wine tasting with wonderful views. Take a steamer cruise across Lake Lucerne, admiring the surrounding mountain landscape, and walk the Swiss Path, a themed trail devoted to the history of Switzerland.

Overlooking Lake Lucerne is Mount Pilatus, an imposing mountain which, from its peak, offers a view of over 70 other Alpine peaks. Ride the aerial gondola, the cogwheel railway or the cableway to the summit and dine at panoramic restaurant.

Ride the Bernina Express, a train which crosses the Alps and passes stunning glaciers, all the way from Chur to Tirano. Visit during summer to see colorful fields and villages, or come during winter to witness frozen lakes and snow-covered mountains.

Eat the Swiss specialties of fondue, a melted cheese dip into which bread and crudité are dunked, and rösti, a fritter of grated potatoes. Sample local wines, most of which are made from white grapes, and Swiss liqueurs such as kirsch (made from cherry) and träsch (brandy made from cider pears). Experience Switzerland’s Christmas markets during the festive period and lively jazz festivals during the spring and summer.

Three main airports service Switzerland: Zurich, Geneva and Basel. Travel around via the country’s fast and efficient train system and enjoy some of the world’s most scenic journeys.

Whether you visit during the blooms of spring or the snows of winter, Switzerland is an outdoor adventure playground.

Popular cities in Switzerland

Lake Zurich featuring a lake or waterhole, a garden and cycling
Known for Lakes, Museums and Live music
Experience the zoo, culture, and lake views in Zürich!

Reasons to visit

  • Zoo Zurich
  • Zürich Opera House
  • Kunsthaus Zurich
Known for Lakes, Shopping and Business
Admire the picturesque Lake Geneva and walk sophisticated streets lined with international headquarters, excellent museums, and art galleries.

Reasons to visit

  • Saint-Pierre Cathedral
  • Patek Philippe Watch Museum
  • Flower Clock
Basel featuring a river or creek and a city
Known for Historical, Rivers and Business
Explore the historic center and museums of this quaint Swiss town. It borders France and Germany and fuses all three cultures.

Reasons to visit

  • Basler Muenster<