Taino Beach

Swim with your kids to the floating playground, try fried fish and conch salad and dance around a bonfire at night.

Taino Beach is a picturesque stretch of white sand adorned with narrow palm trees that sway with the wind. It is a popular gathering point, with plenty of watersports options and restaurants serving local delicacies. Enjoy the fun atmosphere at this lively bay and relax on the soft sand.

Rent an umbrella and sun lounger and work on your tan in the year-round warm weather. Sip water from a coconut and purchase beer and snacks from vendors and stalls. Swim in the warm, crystal clear water of the Atlantic Ocean to cool down after sunbathing. You can also relax with a book in the shade of one of the many palm trees.

Walk out along the wooden pier for excellent views of the water and take photos of the pretty beach. This bay has a number of watersports options, including Jet Skis and banana boats. Go snorkeling to appreciate the array of colorful fish.

Swim with your kids out to the floating playground, where they can jump and dive into the ocean. Play volleyball with friends and other beachgoers. Dine on local dishes, such as fried fish and conch salad, at the restaurants on the beach.

Go beachcombing with your family for the range of shells and corals that decorate this stretch of sand. Stay at one of the luxury resorts that back onto the beach. An open fish fry event takes place Wednesday evenings, while bonfires will keep you warm into the night. Join the dancing rituals and contests and enjoy the lively atmosphere. Watch the performers playing with fire.

Taino Beach is on the southern coast of the city of Freeport on the island of Grand Bahama. Find it at the point where Bell Channel Bay opens up to the ocean. Go to other attractions in the area, such as Lucaya Beach, Smith’s Point Beach and the Port Lucaya Marina.

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