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Ahu Tongariki featuring heritage elements and a statue or sculpture

Easter Island Attractions

Those looking for an exotic destination for their next holiday or vacation need look no further than Easter Island, Chile. The island, located in the Pacific Ocean, is the perfect destination, if you are searching for a new site to visit that is off the beaten path. Some attractions in Easter Island on every visitors’ must see list include the many exotic ruins the island is famous for. Not to be missed are the pristine beaches the island is home to as well.

Easter Island tours of the local ruins are one of the top things to do for a tourist while on the island. The most famous of these ruins is Rano Raraku. Visitors delight in visiting Rano Raraku, a site that has been featured in countless movies and television programs. Easter Island excursions to other ruins not to be missed include trips to Ahu Vinapu and Rano Kau. Both of these spots are fabulous for their excellent hiking conditions and stunning views.

There are many things to do in Easter Island you can easily find on the map, if you are interested in enjoying a beach holiday. One of the best of these beaches is Anakena Beach, one of the island's finest places for enjoying the sun and hitting the waves. A more exotic beach to visit is Orongo, a lake and water filled crater. If you wish to catch a view of the sunset over the water while in Easter Island, be sure to head out to Ahu Tahai. This is a great place to take a romantic stroll with that special someone. After a relaxing day at the beach, head into town to visit the Museo Antropologico P. Sebastian Englert. Here you'll learn more about the fascinating history of the island and its world famous ruins.

Regardless, if the Easter Island activities you wish to enjoy include leisurely strolling along Maunga Terevaka or swimming the day away at Playa Ovahe, your picture perfect vacation awaits you in Easter Island.

Top things to do in Easter Island

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Easter Island must see attractions

1. Anakena Beach

Anakena Beach is a stunning stretch of fine white coral sand dotted with palm trees that sway in the wind. Its soft sand is unusual for the island, whose coastline is otherwise rocky. Take a dip in the ocean water and dry off in the sun.
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Relax on this sandy shoreline and learn about its history as the likely entry point for Easter Island’s first settlers many centuries ago.

2. Rapa Nui National Park

Explore the great outdoors at Rapa Nui National Park, a lovely green space in Hanga Roa. You can seek out the local tours while in the area.
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Explore the great outdoors at Rapa Nui National Park, a lovely green space in Hanga Roa. You can seek out the local tours while in the area.

3. Ahu Tongariki

The largest spiritual site of its kind on Easter Island, Ahu Tongariki comprises a long platform and 15 carved stone figures, known as moai, of varying shapes and sizes. The indigenous Rapa Nui people used to congregate in this central location, which was the capital of the southeastern part of the island. Spend time learning about the ancient practice of crafting moai and discover what each statue symbolizes.
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The largest of its type on Easter Island, this impressive ceremonial platform features 15 huge head-and-torso stone statues lined up in a row.

4. Rano Raraku

Found on the lower slopes of the Terevaka Volcano, the Rano Raraku volcanic crater is where Easter Islanders quarried rock to make their world-famous moai head statues. Today, 397 moai sculptures remain scattered on the site, many of which are incomplete. Inspect the vast range of moais, which includes the island’s largest statue and other distinctive figures.
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See a carved stone figure that is almost twice the height of any other statue on Easter Island and hundreds more sculptures at this volcanic crater.

5. Ahu Hanga Tetenga

Ahu Hanga Tetenga is one of the mysterious moai sculptures that decorate the coastline, cliffs and fields of Easter Island. The Rapa Nui, who were the Polynesian people that settled on the island, carved hundreds of these monolithic human figures between A.D. 1100 and 1500. Popular belief is that Ahu Hanga Tetenga and the other moai are commemorations of the deceased tribespeople. They stand with their backs to the ocean and are said to be repositories of sacred spirits.
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The largest unmounted monolith of Easter Island lies broken in pieces above a cliff on the island’s south coast.

What to do in Easter Island

Free Things to Do in Easter Island

Leave your purse in the hotel room. It's a snap to have fun in Easter Island without spending a penny.

Ana Kakenga - Treat the kids to a good time or let your own inner child run free — this place simply screams fun.

Ahu Akahanga - Get ready to feel like you've traveled back in time while exploring this historic attraction.

Vaihu - Widely renowned among those who live here, this place is worth a look.

Iglesia Hanga Roa - Whatever your beliefs, this site is sure to inspire a sense of reverence.

Anakena Beach - Devour your favorite novel or listen to a podcast while you're soaking up those rays.

Ahu Tepeu - Appreciate the contrast between city life and nature's beauty at this stunning location.

Ana Kakenga - Recharge your mind, body and soul by spending a bit of time in nature.

Things to Do in Easter Island with Kids

There's fun for the entire family wherever you go in Easter Island. Here are some family friendly experiences you can do together that are certain to make your vacation memorable:


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