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April--a great time to fly!

You know what they say: April showers bring May flowers. Early springtime is known for its wet and gloomy days, but that doesn’t mean you should hole yourself up inside until the sun starts to shine. A little rain never hurt after all, so why not venture outside and enjoy nature’s showers? Book a trip out of town and soak up the rainy season somewhere new, or better yet, take a vacation to a place that’s free of rain. With our cheap flights in April, not only can you afford a little spring getaway, but you’ll also have plenty of leftover cash to splurge on a fancy new umbrella—just in case.

April flight deals

Here at Expedia, we understand what it means to travel within your budget. High prices shouldn’t get in the way of you exploring the world, visiting your family, or making new friends, and that’s why we offer April flight deals that help keep costs low. Check out our airfare to find discounts on the places you’ve been dreaming of visiting. It’s easy to browse through the options and score some of the lowest rates around. Your trip isn’t going to book itself, so reserve your cheap April flights today and let the vacation countdown begin.