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Photo provided by Bermuda Tourism Authority
Visit this Caribbean island nation to relax on sandy beaches, explore dramatic underwater diving sites and discover preserved natural habitats.

Enjoy the sunshine and picturesque beaches of Bermuda, a string of 181 islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. Lounge on unspoiled beaches in vast nature reserves, see preserved shipwrecks and go scuba diving through coral reefs.

Most visitors spend their time on the largest island, Main Island, which is sometimes just referred to as Bermuda, though many of the surrounding islands are also not to be missed. Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory and exhibits a combination of indigenous culture and colonial influence in its historic sites and museums.

Wander around the capital city of Hamilton on Hamilton Harbor. Stop by one of the local shops on Front Street, see a shark cage at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute and take kids to the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo. Hamilton is a stunning place to enjoy a sunset, whether you’re sitting on the shore or enjoying a cruise off the coast.

Save time to stroll around the narrow cobblestone lanes in the town of St. George, whose colonial buildings have earned it UNESCO recognition. Visit the quaint old St. Peter’s Church and watch historical reenactments in the Town Hall Square.

Heading west from St. George, find Bermuda’s Crystal Caves. These natural wonders are thought to be millions of years old and make for dramatic photographs. Take a tour underground to see the stalactites reflecting off of the ocean-fed lake below.

Take advantage of Bermuda’s cerulean waters by swimming, diving and taking part in watersports on Bermuda’s beaches. Go kitesurfing on Shelly Bay Beach or Horseshoe Bay, where the wind is fairly consistent from December to May.

To get to Bermuda, fly into LF Wade International Airport. Getting around Bermuda is easy with its extensive bus system. Pay with cash on the bus, or save money by purchasing tickets ahead of time in Hamilton or from post offices around the island. To travel on your own schedule, rent a scooter and zip around the winding streets.

Plan a trip to Bermuda to enjoy incredible sunsets, colorful colonial buildings and picturesque beaches that are perfect for both adventure sports and relaxation.

Popular cities in Bermuda

If you are looking for epic sunsets, Bermuda is the place to be. An island filled with incredible history and great people
Sandys Parish
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Escape to romantic Sandys Parish! Enjoy its beaches, island views, and spas.

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  • Royal Naval Dockyard
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