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It’s happened: you’ve finally gotten a car rental in Cleveland, Ohio. Load the kids into the rental minivan and hand them your tablet to keep them entertained. You’ve herded them out of the hotel, and now it’s time for a jaunt up Highway 20 to visit the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. If you’ve got some nice weather, don’t forget to steer up Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and stop at Rockefeller Lagoon, where you can have a family picnic by the lake.

Drive Around Town

When you book a car rental, Cleveland opens up to you. You’re no longer at the mercy of taxis, public transportation, or doting relatives; if you feel the need to worship Elvis at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, you can hop into your midsize and do just that.

Convenient Pick-Up

If you’re picking up your rental car at Hopkins International Airport (CLE), a shuttle will take you from the main terminal to the off-site rental agency counters. Reserve a car in advance so you don’t have to fumble through paperwork and vehicle selection right after landing; after all, you’re all ready to load up your SUV and cruise over to Tinkers Creek State Park for some serious camping action.

The Expedia Way

Whether you’re flying to Cleveland for business or to attend an awkward family reunion, is here to assist you with all your travel plans. Besides arranging transportation to and around the city, we can also help you find a hotel at a great rate. We’ll leave more money in your pocket so you can spend it shopping at Beachwood Place, one of the local malls.

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