Chahue Beach

Play volleyball and soccer on the soft sand of Chahue Bay’s longest beach, a favorite spot among locals and tourists for outdoor recreation.

Chahue Beach is the largest beach on Chahue Bay and one of the most popular in Huatulco. At over 2,000 feet (600 meters) long, Chahue Beach offers plenty of space for the crowds of locals and visitors who come here to unwind, exercise and play. Join the locals for a jog, jump from the shoreline into the deep water and purchase local street food from beachfront vendors. Watch locals play games of beach soccer and volleyball.

Wake early to join the many Santa Cruz residents who use the beach as a jogging track. The remarkably soft sand of Chahue Beach makes it perfect for a range of sporting activities. By midday, you’ll find large groups of youths gathering to play games of soccer or volleyball at the Santa Cruz end of the beach. Ask to join in and try your luck against one of the world’s best soccer nations. 

Find a spot on the sand and relax with a refreshing cocktail from a beachfront vendor. Cool off in the waters off the bay. The water at the shoreline is quite deep so you can jump straight from the sand. Young and inexperienced swimmers should take extra care when swimming at Chahue Beach because of this. 

Rent a snorkel to explore the coral reef offshore or try your hand at fishing at the far end of the beach. Fishing gear can be rented from Santa Cruz. 

If you don’t catch any fish of your own, head to one of the many seafood restaurants that line the waterfront. Try a bowl of shrimp broth, a platter of octopus, lobster and pineapples stuffed with seafood or a pescado a la talla, which is grilled whole fish with spicy sauce.

The beach can easily be reached on foot from Santa Cruz and free parking is available at the top of the beach. The beach is open to the public and accessible every day.

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