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Quick facts about Sierra Leone:

  • With 7.1 million residents, Sierra Leone ranks 121st in population compared to other countries
  • The currency in Sierra Leone is the Leone
  • Don't forget to stop in Freetownand Banana Islands while you're in the country

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For Beautiful Weather

The climate in this region of the continent is tropical. Average temperatures stay between 24 and 36 degrees Celsius. Overnight, the cool breezes off the Sahara Desert can lower temperatures to 16 degrees.

The Country's Fascinating History

Evidence shows that people have lived in the region since at least 500 B.C. Recorded history puts the European contact as far back as the mid-1400s when an explorer from Portugal named Pedro de Sintra made maps of the hills surrounding present day Freedom Harbour. He called them the Lion Mountains. Eventually, the region took on the Italian version of this name, Sierra Leone.

In the late 1700s, a settlement began in the country called Province of Freedom. The colony was established by England for rescued and freed slaves of African descent. The United Kingdom retained the country as a colony until granting it independence in 1961. Since that time, the government has changed hands a few times and a civil war was endured. Today, the country has a parliament and a president.

What Sierra Leone Offers

When visitors book hotels in Sierra Leone, they can venture out and discover what the country offers. The peninsula of Freetown has excellent beaches with few or no crowds. In fact, in and around Freetown are several top attractions like the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, museums, and national historic buildings.

Sherbro Island is the place for fishing, culture, and historic sites while Gola Forest includes a national park and reserve. Tiwai Island is in the Gola Forest. This island in the middle of a river is the home of an abundance of rare wildlife species. These and more incredible attractions are available, and Sierra Leone hotel deals help make these getaways possible.

A Place to Stay

Superb Sierra Leone hotel packages are provided through Expedia. Reserving rooms at special discount rates through a cheap Sierra Leone hotel deal saves travel money. Discounts mean lower prices, but beautiful surroundings, much to see and do, and few crowds are what guests discover in this country.