Druif Beach

With its floury sands, swaying fronds and warm tropical waters, this beach is a picture of Caribbean perfection.

Just north of the capital Oranjestad, Druif Beach curves around the coast for 6.8 miles (11 kilometers). On one side, its ivory sands meet the calm Caribbean waters, while its inland edge is dotted with palms and low-rise hotels and resorts. Stretch out on the fine sand, join swimmers enjoying the water or sign up for diving lessons to get a look at the offshore reefs.

Pack your sunscreen and hit the beach in early morning. If you are staying at one of the oceanfront resorts, you’ll likely be provided with chairs, umbrellas or maybe even thatch-roof huts for shelter. Otherwise, bring along a towel of your own and lay out on the sands.

Be sure to enter the sea for a swim. The waters here are calm and suitable for children as well as less confident swimmers. What’s more, the temperatures are warm, making it as pleasant to just sit and relax in the shallows as it is to have an energetic swim. The beach usually has a laid-back atmosphere, so it’s also a good spot to bring along a book and enjoy doing next to nothing.

Beachgoers with a thirst for adventure can sign up for scuba diving lessons. You’ll be kitted out with the relevant gear and taught how to use it, before venturing out to the colorful reefs. Descend below the surface to see the twisted coral and all kinds of tropical fish. Kitesurfing is also practiced on the beach so be on the lookout for advanced kitesurfers performing acrobatic jumps and gravity-defying tricks.

There are numerous hotel resorts at either end of the beach, as well as restaurants and bars where you can call in for a drink or snack. Make the 20-minute stroll north to Eagle Beach, where you’ll find plenty more restaurants and resorts, as well as shops selling fresh produce and ready-to-eat snacks.

Druif Beach is just over 10 minutes away from Oranjestad by car. If you don’t have a car, use taxis or local buses to get there.

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