Clamber over the arch and stacks of this cape extending over the ocean with outlooks offering views of fascinating landmarks of southern Iceland.

Dyrholaey is a peninsula with an arched cliff that is a prime example of the powers of erosion by water. It has a spectacular viewpoint over Iceland’s southern coast and its many fascinating volcanic rock formations. See the arch from a distance at Black Beach and amble along the coastline to reach it.

The peninsula is an ideal picnic spot with the backdrop of remarkable views and the sounds of crashing waves and birds. Look out over the ocean and surrounding green terrain from the top of the cliff. Spot the large glacier of Myrdalsjokull to the north and the black rock formations of Reynisdrangar rising from the water in the east. Capture photos of the coastline of Selfoss to the west as the sun descends.

Come face-to-face with the nesting puffins and other birds on the cliff. Stroll around the scenic region to find its lighthouse. Admire the elegant style of the white structure with red window frames and arched windows.

Inspect the stacks and arches of the peninsula. Consider the changing appearance of the rock face over the centuries and millennia.

Make sure to bring layers of clothing to shield you from the cold winds and rain common to this part of the country. The weather here can be extremely changeable.

The peninsula’s principal viewpoint closes in the late afternoon. Note that some parts of the land are occasionally sealed off to protect the puffins during mating season.

English sailors referred to Dyrholaey as “Cape Portland.” Arrive at the site via a short walk from the main road that traverses southern Iceland. Stop at the many vista points along the way from the capital city in the west. The site lies on the southern coast, next to the town of Vik I Myrdal and its iconic Black Beach. Use either of two parking lots near the peninsula.

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